Modernize your IT in Microsoft Azure

Provide users a high-performance Windows desktop or application experience accessible anywhere on any device. With the on-demand scalability and cost-optimization benefits of the cloud.

This page will help guide you through how easy it is to set up a trial deployment in Microsoft Azure with MyCloudIT.

How to Get Started with MyCloudIT

  • See the MyCloudIT Platform
  • Plan a Proof-of-Concept
  • Provision Your RDS Deployment
  • Leverage How-to Guides and Best Practices

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See the MyCloudIT Platform in Action

  • Quick Start Demo: Remote Desktop Deployment

    Check out our 5-minute video to see how you can provision a standard remote desktop deployment in under 5 minutes.
    Watch 5-min Demo
  • 30-Minute Demo: Full Platform Overview

    Check out our 30-minute video to see how you can get started and fully utilize the MyCloudIT platform.
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  • Schedule a Live Demo With Our Team

    Set up a meeting to walk through the platform with one of our experts.
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Set Up a Proof-of-Concept

We can offer a free trial to help you set up your proof of concept

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  • Or follow the steps below to set up your own POC.

Create Your RDS Deployment

You can log into the MyCloudIT portal with your Microsoft Azure subscription credentials, or you can set up a new Microsoft Azure account.

  • Sign in to the MyCloudIT platform
  • Click on Marketplace and select the right template you want to deploy
  • Fill in required details about your deployment
  • Enter your billing information 
  • Review deployment details, confirm terms of service, and submit

You will have a RDS deployment up and running in the next 45 to 90 minutes.

Helpful Resources for Your First RDS Deployment


MyCloudIT User Guide

Step-by-step how-to guides and best practices for the MyCloudIT platform.

User Guide

MyCloudIT Video Resources

Check out any of our #MCITMonday videos to see short 5-minute overviews on how to create and manage deployments.

Video Resources

Make the Move to the Microsoft Cloud today with MyCloudIT

We provide the tools and support team to make it super easy to move desktops and applications to the cloud.