Moving Desktops and Apps to the Cloud

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Move IT Infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Hours (Webinar)

Learn more about deploying IT in Microsoft Azure

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RDS Technology

Learn more about Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) technology.

Power Your Move to Microsoft Azure With MyCloudIT

MyCloudIT is a leading cloud desktop and application delivery platform. An end-to-end solution that automates critical IT tasks and bundles management services in one easy-to-use platform, coupled with an expert support team. 

MyCloudIT makes it super simple and cost effective to deliver remote desktops and applications in Azure.

Ready to Get Started?

MyCloudIT gives us the resources that we don’t have as a small company. Their platform automated many of the tasks for deploying environments for our customers. Additionally, the MyCloudIT engineers were an added bonus, helping us accelerate up the learning curve and saving a ton of time.

Chuck Schick, Warp 8
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