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Cloud Computing, Cloud Desktops and Applications Hosted and Delivered in the Public Cloud

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What you should know about the transition to the public cloud

"The IDC forecasts worldwide public IT cloud services revenue will reach $203bn by 2020."

This guide will provide an overview of the benefits, considerations, and options available to move to the public cloud.
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud?
IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, SaaS?
Moving to the cloud is complex. This guide is intended to highlight key topics to think through as you plan, engineer, and execute a move to the public cloud.
This guide will overview key concepts:
- Overall Cloud Opportunity
- Benefits for Businesses and IT Service Providers
- How to Design Your Cloud Strategy
- Monthly Recurring Revenue Basics


For IT Service Providers

A Guide to Building Your Business in the Public Cloud

For Service Providers, an overview of the public cloud is step 1.  Step 2 is developing your cloud service offering to grow and scale profits in the public cloud.  This guide will cover go-to-market strategies to help you hit the ground running as you develop your cloud practice.

  • Considerations in Developing Your Cloud Practice
  • Bundle Solutions to Create a Profitable Cloud IP Package
  • Differentiate Your Business in a Crowded Market

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